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Islamic Banking in South East Asia

Islamic Banking in South East Asia

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Did the ethos of finance change over the last decades? Investments are made in opportunities and ratios, but not any more in people and goods. The approach to limit greed and malpractice in this book is a religious one, a conception that is as old as the religion itself, introduced on today’s financial world. The author, Klaus Grossinger, describes, from a political as well as a religious perspective, the development of Islamic banking in the most populous Muslim country in the world, Indonesia. The book provides an insight on the state of the art of Islamic finance in the neighboring South East Asian nations Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and The Philippines. Reasons are discussed why customers demand Islamic banking, and what is necessary to stay competitive with conventional finance. The Islamic capital and equity markets are evaluated with a final outlook for future Islamic banking instruments, such as derivatives. This book addresses managers and economists new to the field of Islamic banking interested in the developing financial markets of South East Asia.