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Marketing Tourism Products: A Study of Himachal Pradesh

Marketing Tourism Products: A Study of Himachal Pradesh

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Tourism has emerged out as an upcoming industry in Himachal Pradesh, which is a hill state of India. It will be apt to describe the state as a land of all seasons and all reasons. Despite having tremendous tourism potential, the state is still not frequented by a large number of the tourists. The main objective of this book is to find out the current marketing strategy of the state in terms of the four parameters of product, price, place and promotion. The study has also attempted to probe in to the perception of the image of the state between the domestic and the foreign tourists. In present competitive scenario when the destinations are so easily interchangeable, the importance of marketing is manifold. It can be used to highlight U.S.P. of our tourism products so as to have an edge over others. Moreover, the book will be of help for the policy makers and planners in the planning process and also be useful to incorporate the findings which will be required in the future by scholars.