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Stock Investment Decisions

Stock Investment Decisions

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With the passage of time, investments in stock markets have been gaining more and more significance. Stock market is considered a primary indicator of a country''s economic strength. The primary motive of the investors is to gain maximum profit from their investments in the stock market. Investment in stocks is a risky business where people can become millionaire or broke overnight. People are interested in knowing the rules of this game. The broad categories of stock investment approaches are technical and fundamental analysis which were introduced in the early 19th century. This book introduces the reader with the approaches and techniques for investing in the stock markets. The most commonly used techniques for the decision making of investors and their importance in the perception of both institutional investors and brokers is assessed and analyzed. The analysis of these techniques and their fallout will help the individual investors, institutional investors, investment and security analyst, stock brokers, students of finance, portfolio managers and financial managers to better understand the phenomenon of investing in stock markets.