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Variables contributing to satisfaction in wildlife tourism

Variables contributing to satisfaction in wildlife tourism

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The study was undertaken to identify and evaluate variables that contribute to wildlife tourist satisfaction. It was conducted at the Chobe National Park (CNP), Botswana’s largest and most popular national park. The study sought to establish how wildlife tourists’ experiences impact on their overall satisfaction. It also assessed the extent to which Chobe National Park contributes to wildlife tourist satisfaction in relation to the identified variables. This survey has confirmed argument from the literature that satisfaction is critical to the wildlife tourism industry. It also confirmed the following variables as crucial in the wildlife tourism industry: service quality, price and value for money, experience as well as wildlife tourism-related variables. The conclusion derived from the literature reviewed and results is that the concept satisfaction is core in the wildlife tourism industry because it involves feelings of wildlife tourists after experiencing wildlife tourism services. Some of the results are, however, in conflict with the argument that wildlife tourists assess their satisfaction on the basis of whether or not their initial expectations were met.