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Economy and Stock Market

Economy and Stock Market

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Stock market development is expected to bring greater benefit to the society, which is dominated by the economic condition of the country through greater employment opportunities and investment possibilities. Stock market helps the society by creating a situation where servers and needier meet and exchange their financial assets for their own development which helps the economy of the country. Experts believe that two main components like stock market and economy are supposed to grow complimentary rather than being supplementary in nature. So far, many empirical studies have demonstrated the existence of positive correlation between financial development and economic growth. This study primarily aims at the inter relationship between the macro economic variables like GDP, inflation, money supply, foreign direct investment, exchange rate and stock market development in India during the period from 1996-Q2 to 2008-Q1. Co- integration,VECM,The Dickey Fuller (DF) and Augmented Dickey Fuller (ADF)tools were used. This study proves that economy influences the stock market both in long term and short term point of view.