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Sustainable Banking in Macedonia

Sustainable Banking in Macedonia

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Many banks from the developed countries are making significant progress towards promoting sustainable development. They offer new, more environmentally and socially friendly products and commit themselves to take care of the environment and society, along with making profit. This progress is supported by clear and consistent external communication. Compared to them, the biggest banks in Macedonia, with some exceptions, offer insufficient information about the same issues. The main goal of this book is to assess whether the information, products/services and behaviour presented and communicated by Macedonian banks reflect the awareness and the needs of Macedonian individual clients and society at large about the banks'' contribution towards sustainability. The assessment was carried out through conducting a survey in the capital city of Macedonia, Skopje. The survey included 256 respondents, interviewed in January and February 2008. The analysis of the obtained results and presented recommendations will provide a useful tool to professionals in banking sector, especially to the banks'' managers responsible for development of new products and their communication.