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Leadership ideals

Leadership ideals

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The impact of culture on managerial behaviour was recognised during the second part of the 1980''s. Since then, many researchers concentrated on providing management literature to assist multinational leaders. Cross-cultural research was conducted, and cross-cultural theories were elaborated to fill the knowledge gap. The author Judit Gondocs wants to give a further insight into the topic of cross-cultural leadership in her book, using for comparison the results of the major multinational research program of the last decades, the GLOBE project. For data collection three countries were chosen: Austria, Hungary, and Spain, where individual semistructured interviews were conducted approximately 10 years after finalisation of the GLOBE data collection. The author compares her findings on leadership ideals in these countries with the GLOBE results based on the GLOBE leadership prototypes using qualitative content analysis. The book addresses international economists, cross-cultural researchers and scientists, and of course multinational leaders.