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Electronic Marketing Practises in Developing Countries

Electronic Marketing Practises in Developing Countries

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The major aims of this book are to analyse the current practises of Electronic Marketing (E- Marketing) by Egyptian business enterprises, the different factors affecting the adoption of E- Marketing as well as the different forms, implementation levels and tools of E-Marketing used by these enterprises. It aims to test a theoretical model that can help to understand and interpret these relationships and seeks to evaluate the potential of E-Marketing in developing countries (Egypt). This work builds on previous research in the fields of E-marketing and adds to the relatively limited empirical research that has been conducted on E-Marketing in an Egyptian business context. In terms of contribution to knowledge, this book provides an insight for entrepreneurs, policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and educators by providing a clearer view and deep understanding of the issues related to E-Marketing adoption and practices by Egyptian business enterprises. It addresses some research gaps in the field, particularly in terms of the factors affecting E- Marketing adoption.