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Customers'' Expectations of Banks Becoming Cashless

Customers'' Expectations of Banks Becoming Cashless

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The organizational change of banks into cashless banking is becoming quite common. Technological development, competition and changing attitudes of customers towards cash services offered force banks to shift their activity towards advice based approach. However, when changing to cashless activity banks undertake a change which directly impacts on their customers. The focus of this study is to contribute for better understanding of beneficiary customers'' expectations of banks going over to cashless activity. The beneficiary customers of Nordea bank have been studied. The results have shown that customers react positively to limitation of hours for cash services. On the other hand they require information at least one month before the change is implemented. A large part of the customers would like to receive information via conventional way such as letter rather than via e-mail. With regard to the complete transformation of the bank into cashless activity, customers reacted mainly negative. However, a very small part of beneficiary customers would be affected by this change to the extent where they would consider changing bank.