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Intelligent Retrieval Tool for Strategic Information Risk Management

Intelligent Retrieval Tool for Strategic Information Risk Management

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Information risk management forms a broad base that engulfs the decision maker, the information specialist and other economic intelligent actors in Economic Intelligence Systems. The interpretability, accessibility, timeliness, adequacy amongst other of information quality attributes will equivocally affect the nature of decision making. Decision maker''s ability in problem definition and informing the information specialist on the decision problem about the stakes from which laudable hypothesis can be formed is of importance. While the above is human intensive, another debilitating factor is the quality of information based on search operation. This book proposes different models to operate on these divergent components but in a harmonized manner. KNOWREM assists in the reconciliation of knowledge amongst EI actors,followed by FuzzOntology used in resolving the imbroglio ensuing during knowledge reconciliation and decision problem definition. Decisionability ameliorate the effect of information overload with a dual layer filtration. The last of these models is FuzzyMatch. It assists the information specialist to combat the problem of missing or non-missing but wrong data.