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Grassroots Marketing of Environmental Non-Profit Organizations

Grassroots Marketing of Environmental Non-Profit Organizations

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Los Angeles'' small, grassroots environmental non-profit organizations are not optimizing their public relations or their social marketing practices to the public in ways that maximize recruitment of members, volunteers and supporters. This is a challenge for most small environmental non-profits. This thesis is meant to be a guide to marketing staff and volunteers of local environmental non-profits, in order to help them to better convey their missions and messages to the people of their communities, by: • Describing the marketing practices of a few small, grassroots environmental non-profit organizations, • Analyzing case studies of those organizations, • Presenting suggestions for marketing and public relations, • Offering tools for social marketers of grassroots environmental non-profit organizations. As prerequisites to discussing the topic, it also covers: o The marketing continuum of the environmental movement, o The history of the environmental movement in the United States, o American public conceptions surrounding environmentalism and ecology, o And,different marketing theories and techniques that can relate to grassroots environmental non-profit organizations.