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Marketing Practices of Banarasi Silk Industry

Marketing Practices of Banarasi Silk Industry

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Silk - The Queen of Textiles, spells luxury, elegance, class and comfort. Silk is one of the strangest and the most beautiful fibres known to man. The qualities of natural sheen, affinity for dyes, vibrancy of colours, high absorbability, lightness in weight, resilience and excellent drape have combined to make silk irresistible in its appeal across the world for a number of centuries. Banarasi Silk Products are an integral part of the Indian sartorial landscape. The book studies the industry starting from the historical perspective to the problems and probable solutions that may bring back the glory of the industry. But, this requires initiatives by the government, the association and the entrepreneurs. A sound public private partnership coupled with clear and comprehensive policy initiatives by the government would strengthen the industry and the people involved in it. Through these measures, the sale would increase and thus the profitability. Increased profitability would result in the betterment of all the stakeholders.