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Corporate Culture and Family Values

Corporate Culture and Family Values

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About the Book: This book focuses on the interactional universe of the family values and corporate culture which a person experiences at every bit of time, at work place as well as at home. The interfaces between the two have been analyzed from multiple dimensions in Indian context. For the better societal understanding, wider range of dimensions has been discussed, which these families experience. These contexts include physical settings of Gurgaon, India, where they reside; organizational setting where they work and; family setting which they have formed themselves. The chapters discuss about the theoretical orientation of the study, methodological framework and field experiences. It also gives a detailed account of context of the whole study along with the perception of the family members regarding the family values and corporate culture. At the end, there is an analysis of interfaces with concluding notes of the study. The dearth of literature on the contemporary urban middle class family, where at least one member works as a professional in a Multinational Company, leads to the requirement of this book.