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Assessment of Financial Performance

Assessment of Financial Performance

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Cooperative societies established with small capital need to have wise resource planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling so as to survive, prosper and there by contribute to the economic development of a nation. The rationale behind undertaking this study is to assess the overall financial status of cooperatives and recommend better ways of enhancing their success. Accordingly, as per the findings of this study, the main indicators of poor financial performances of cooperatives and unions in Tigray were; no use of financial models to measure and analyze their performances, and lack skilled and expertise knowledge of personnel. To overcome the aforementioned problems, this book recommends the following important points: Analyzing financial statements regularly, evaluating performance using financial ratios and developing sound financial plans, using financial ratio for managerial decisions, employing skilled professionals and training board members on strategic management. The finding of this book is helpful to business organizations and other researchers who want to conduct further study on similar areas.