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Cooperative Banks and Agriculture Development

Cooperative Banks and Agriculture Development

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Uttar Pradesh(U.P.) is one of the big States in population as well as in area in the Union of India. The State is gifted with potentially fertile soils and has different tropical monsoon climate. Agriculture has been the main occupation for the vast majority of the people in the State. It is natural that all efforts should be made to improve agriculture, which is the backbone of the State''s economy.Methods will, therefore, have to be devised not only to increase production and productivity but also to ensure that their benefits accrue to a vast multitude of small farmers.The primary remedy is to provide adequate funds for development of agriculture. Among the various types of funds needed, long-term credit forms the most important basis for the same. In order to fill the gap co-operative credit comes as a handy tool. The co-operative movement has been an important instrument for social change and means for ensuring people''s participation in the development of U.P. The purpose of this book is to study the viability of the lending policies and performance of U.P.State Co-operative Village Development Bank on a case basis and estimate its role in the agricultural Development of U.P.