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The Intra-Metropolitan Location of Banks in Istanbul

The Intra-Metropolitan Location of Banks in Istanbul

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When the conjuncture of global political systems undergoing dramatic changes since the previous century is regarded carefully, entering the 21st century as a country still in the process of developing, it is most probable that Turkey will become a country of significant power in the next century with its historical, geographical, ethnic, and economic potentials in the Balkans, Middle Eastern and Caucasian regions. After 2000s, banking sector in Turkey has become one of the focal points for foreign banks. Between 2004 and 2007, 14 Turkish banks were bought by foreigners wholly or partially. The tremendous changes in economic systems, politics, and technology seen throughout the world in recent years, combined with certain specific factors such as the opening of Eastern European markets, have all acted to enhance Istanbul''s position among world cities. In this respect, the aim of this book is to act as an aid in determining the characteristics of the choices for locational determinants of multinational and domestic banks in the Istanbul metropolitan area, a city currently in the midst of a rapid change process.