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Impact of Micro-finance on Women''s Economic Empowerment

Impact of Micro-finance on Women''s Economic Empowerment

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Women, particularly in developing countries, are earth-shatteringly deprived of partaking in economic, social as well as political activities. Conversely, it is ironical to claim advancement in whatever economical or socio-political movements and successful development ignoring the role of the society which makes half of the world''s population. However, there is no denying the fact that, recently there are commotions in empowering women, though insufficient they are. Bearing this in mind, this study examined the impact of Credit and Saving Institutions'' (CSIs'') microfinancing service on women''s economic empowerment. Along with, through empirical analysis, using both descriptive statistics and Binomial Logit regression the results of the study indicate that the micro-financing scheme has a positive impact on women''s economic empowerment as measured by the increased participation of women CSIs'' clients in household decision-making, and it has had positive impact on the living conditions of its clients. Hence, this research can be taken as an addition to the arena of research in the field of economics and gives valuable information to policy makers and NGOs working on gender.