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Rice Production and Marketing Chain in Ethiopia

Rice Production and Marketing Chain in Ethiopia

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This book examines rice production in the supply potential areas of the North Western part of Ethiopia, and analyzes the determinants of marketed surplus, production cost structure and profitability. It also attempts the performance of the market through the evaluation of the marketing activities along the different marketing channels of the crop. Despite rice production is recently an income generating crop in the livelihood of many farmers little attention has been given to it. Systematic and adequate information on the process of market competition, market structure- conduct- performance, marketing channels and their characteristics has not been identified. Hence, this book investigates and attempts to reduce this information gap. The primary significance of the book is to those who are engaged in rice production and to all actors in the marketing system. It could also help to make appropriate decisions by the farmers, consumers, traders, investors, and others, who need the information for their respective purposes. Moreover, it would serve as reference for researchers to embark upon similar or related work in other parts of the country.