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Achieving Excellence In Clinical Education

Achieving Excellence In Clinical Education

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This book primarily focuses on a hybrid model (CSAL) comprising of patient based analytic critical reasoning, case-script-based small group discussions, self-directed collaborative peer learning and subsequent combined clinical pathologic case conference. A self-reflective well-structured portfolio (MESRA) for assessment and evaluation used in this model is also described. Patient-based case-script delivered through a series of small group discussion is a feasible model explained with illustration as the clinical teaching method experienced with real patients in PBL. The book has two parts; 1. Teaching and learning. 2. Assessment and evaluation. Workplace-based assessment as Mini-CEX, DOPS and two innovated assessment tools of clinical learning as Collaborative Peers Evaluation of Clinical Skills (CPECS) and oral examination as an Objective Structured Authentic Viva (OSAV) are also described with illustrations. Emphasis is placed on new trends in clinical education, research towards innovation in teaching, curriculum based practice and workplace based assessment and faculty development in medical education.