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Effect of Service Delivery and Quality on Customer Satisfaction

Effect of Service Delivery and Quality on Customer Satisfaction

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To assesses the effect of service delivery and quality on satisfaction of EEPCo customers in Bahir Dar town, the research used 175 customers as representative sample selected through Cluster,Stratified & simple random sampling technique. Questionnaire and interview were the tools used to gather information. SPSS is used to analyze the data. Primary and secondary data was used. Relevant conceptual frame work were summarized to have the theoretical background on the situation under study. The research came up with the following finding: service delivery process and service quality in the corporation are below the expectation of customers. In general, the result also indicated that there is a positive correlation between customer satisfaction and the activities in the two major elements of the study. Thus, Having management vision towards service delivery and quality and supporting those who deal in these activities, Having adequate and skilled manpower that can treat customers and provide appropriate training to these employees and using the today''s technology to facilitate the satisfaction of customers are the key means for resolving the problem at hand.