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Motivation during the financial crisis of 2008

Motivation during the financial crisis of 2008

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The purpose of this thesis is to address the impact of the financial crisis of 2008 on changes in motivation, and job characteristics proposed in the Job Characteristics Model. The sample consisted of 272 subjects from different industries. Regressions and multinominal logistic regression were used to analyze the hypotheses of the study. This study has provided only partial support for the applicability of the JCM during economic crisis. Whereas dealing with others, task identity and autonomy predicted the levels of internal work motivation significantly; the other job characteristics did not lead to significant results. Other than expected GNS did not moderate the relationship between the job characteristics and motivation, however, interestingly it had a mediating role between autonomy/dealing with others and motivation. Procedural constrains did not have an effect on motivation. The results generally support the Job Characteristics Model''s predictions that task variety and worker autonomy are positively associated with labor productivity. The quality of products and services on the other hand, was only associated with task variety.