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Adolescent Premarital Sexual Behavior:Individual and Family Factors

Adolescent Premarital Sexual Behavior:Individual and Family Factors

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The period of Adolescence is the time when extensive changes occur in, psychological, Biological and Physiological systems which is often accompanied by the onset of experimentation with alcohol, drug usage and sexual activity. Furthermore,adolescents may be poorly informed about how to protect themselves and are particularly susceptible to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease including HIV/AIDS. In recent years as reasearchs indicated attitudes towards sex have been changing and premarital sex has been accepted by many young people. Similarly the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections has increased during this period, and heterosexual transmission is rapidly becoming the primary route of transmission. As prevention is better than cure Premarital sexual activity and reproductive health of adolescents'' requires serious attention and intervention all over the world as it affects the adolescents themselves, their parents and the society at large. Thus the findings and recommendations of this article is useful for all people in spite of the difference in age group, religious affilation, geografic location, ethinicity etc.