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Lithuania as a Tourist Destination

Lithuania as a Tourist Destination

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Since 1990 when Lithuania declared its independence, the country has been actively involved in the process of its political, economic and social restructuring. One of the biggest challenges faced was transforming the image of a hostile post- communist republic into an attractive world-known tourism destination. Even though, the status of Lithuania as a developing tourism destination makes the country an interesting topic for the academic research, the amount of scholarly sources on the subject remains insufficient. This book, therefore, serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it provides a captivating analysis of the Lithuanian tourism product and the ways of promoting it together with the image of Lithuanian hospitality sector. Secondly, it enhances the amount of academic research that should be useful to the students and professionals in Tourism and Hospitality field. Even though, this work was written for academic purposes, due to its user-friendly language the book is also recommended to the travellers who are considering visiting Lithuania or people who have been there already, but are looking for a backstage pass to the Lithuanian tourism development show.