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Financial Performance of NBFCs in India

Financial Performance of NBFCs in India

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NBFCs have been operating for quite a long time in India but an attempt to regulate them started only in the sixties. Regulation of these institutions was found to be necessary for three reasons Viz., ensuring efficacy of credit and monetary policy, safeguarding depositors'' interest and ensuring healthy growth of NBFCs. HF is a term which covers financing at all stages of the development of housing. Finance is required at three stages viz., purchase of land, construction of house and repayment of loan amount. Making provision of adequate funds at cheaper cost and at right time is one of the most difficult tasks faced by all those concerned with housing - the individuals, organizations, and governments at local, regional and national level. Therefore, this book focuses on the effective utilization of the resources by the finance companies whose business is primarily HF. This book, thus, utmost important to have this systematic introspection of the financial performance of these companies, especially in the present juncture of cut-throat competition thrown up by many private sector organizations having entered into this industry.