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Alternative Approach to the Capital Asset Pricing Model

Alternative Approach to the Capital Asset Pricing Model

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Numerous studies have been done on the topic of Asset Pricing Model. The Capital Asset Pricing Model or CAPM, has been widely used as a model of returns by academicians, market players and market analysts. However, in an emerging markets context, where the availability of the information about Beta Factor is inevitably rare, macroeconomic factors proved to better explain the movement of the stock price in the equity market. What makes this study interesting is the regression model being employed by using the combination of Macroeconomic factors and the components of CAPM (minus Beta) as the variables in the study, in order to derive at a model of asset returns in an emerging markets. Furthermore, the study also find a model for three important scenarios in the history of the financial market in the Asian region, namely before the Asian Financial Crisis, during the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997-1998 and after the Asian Financial Crisis. History told us that the financial market experienced bull and bear markets from time to time. Therefore, this study is useful to market players as well as anyone else who may be considering to enter into investing activities.