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Leadership and Learning Schools

Leadership and Learning Schools

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In response to the failure of earlier reforms, educators have started looking at a new and comprehensive reform that is intended to foster schoolwide change that affects all aspects of schooling culture. Recently, a new comprehensive school reform strategy has been widespread. This kind of approach to reforming the school has come to be known as learning schools. In learning schools, teachers should be empowered. They should serve as mentors to their students, work together as a team, and have the needed time and courses to be professionally renewed. The principal''s job in learning schools is to create an environment in which teachers can learn continuously. That is because nothing else outside the school helps create conditions in the school which foster the individual and collective learning of teachers as much as school leadership. This book, therefore, comes to determine which leadership style best facilitates teachers'' practice of the five disciplines of learning organizations in schools and advances the development of a supporting culture for the idea of learning schools as a comprehensive school reform.