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The Influence of Christ on Business and Church Leadership

The Influence of Christ on Business and Church Leadership

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Leaders distinguish between secular and the sacred, failing to realize that Jesus Christ provides a benchmark for all great leadership. To consider this problem the following hypothesis is made: If business and Church leaders are going to be exceptional in their leadership, and live to their full leadership potential, they will have to be faithful to, develop and live by Christ-like leadership principles emerging out of the character, life, teaching and leadership of Jesus Christ – principles that transcend the differentiation often made between secular and sacred. Towards this end descriptive research was carried out. First, the aim was to determine the praxis by considering the leadership practices of respected leaders in business and the Church. Thereafter, theory is considered by looking at literature written about both business and Church leadership. Following on is an exegetical consideration of particular Bible references,in the Gospels, that reflect on the life and leadership of Jesus Christ. Finally, quantitative research was carried out to test praxis and theory. This work, therefore, seeks to serve leaders as they strive for excellence in their leadership practice.