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The Hedge Fund Mechanism and Global Financial Disasters

The Hedge Fund Mechanism and Global Financial Disasters

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We have witnessed the Asian financial crisis, the collapse of LTCM, the subprime mortgage crisis and the credit crunch – all in a little more than a decade. Hedge funds have had a ineligible role in each of these crises, but what was this role exactly? Some accuse them as the director of financial crises; some see them as merely an actor playing the role assigned by the market. This study concludes that some hedge funds are actually spontaneous threats. These are hedge funds that combine the use of arbitrage strategies and complex mathematical models while possessing an extremely large pool of capital. Such hedge funds are destined to fail and their failures are destined to generate systematic collapse. The set of hedge fund risks brings more uncertainties as they interact with vulnerabilities embedded within the global economy. This study strives to cover what seems to be a missing page in the discipline of finance, which is qualitative analyses that examine what happen when different risk and vulnerability variables interact. The book is recommended for investment professionals and students with a serious interest in global finance.