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Leadership in the Fourth Dimension

Leadership in the Fourth Dimension

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This book utilizes chaos and complexity theory to expose flaws in four fundamental logics that have tended to dominate Western society in the modern and particularly postmodern eras. The work explores underlying characteristics of these competing logics, articulates meaningful relationships between them, and illustrates through various case examples and theories how these logics, if further elaborated, contrasted, compared, combined, and extended, may in the final analysis provide for a more comprehensive frame of inquiry in the 21st century than has as yet been articulated in the social sciences in general and leadership communication studies in particular. Through philosophical critique, scientific research, and case examples the book attempts to show that devoid of ethics reason is blind; and separated from virtue, leadership is lame - impotent at best, and coercive, socio-politically and scientifically debilitating and destructive at worst – in the final analysis, little more than a futile exercise in self-aggrandizement, oppression and greed, the end result of which is incalculable human suffering.