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Greenery in Architecture

Greenery in Architecture

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Green buildings, green design, green housing – nowadays, everything “is green”. Beyond this metaphorical, avant-garde green, there is the real green: the living plants, the greenery. So, what is the role that greenery plays in leading-edge contemporary architecture and urban practices? This book uses an architect''s perspective to clarify the contributions and benefits of including greenery in recent European urban architectural visions and also in realized projects. The reader will find a detailed analysis of values, strengths and weaknesses of designing greenery into private and semi-private spaces of innovative European multi-family housing complexes. The work uses social and ecological terms to summarise the main benefits related to including greenery in outdoor spaces. In addition, the book identifies factors that increase the quality of architecture and quality of life when designs include greenery. The book should be especially useful to professionals in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, all fields of sustainable development and anyone else interested in how architecture and greenery can combine to make a sustainable contribution to community well being.