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Evaluating Branchless Banking Servicing Opportunities via Cellphones

Evaluating Branchless Banking Servicing Opportunities via Cellphones

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Mobile Financial Services (MFS) are new phenomena in the world of Mobile Commerce which helps customers to interact with a bank via a mobile device and makes banking virtually anywhere on a real-time basis a reality. This work investigates the impact of adopting MFS applications on minimizing service channels costs, improving the performance of servicing levels, and providing new sources of revenue. In this study, two types of models to analyze and evaluate the impact of adopting banking servicing opportunities via cell phones are presented. The first is a simulation model used for shedding some light on which input parameters (factors) are most important and how they affect the responses of interest. The second depends on the outputs of simulation for finding the optimum combinations of input parameters by following Response Surface Methodology (RSM) as an optimization technique; assuming that certain level of customers representing the early adopters will use MFS.