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Understanding Human Sexuality

Understanding Human Sexuality

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Sexuality is a fundamental component of personality. One of its modes of being,of manifestation,of communicating with others,of feeling,of expressing and of living human love.Human sexuality is a good, part of that created gift which God saw as being very good.Male and female he created them (Genesis 1:27).Insofar as it is a way of relating and being open to others, sexuality has love as its intrinsic end, more precisely, love as donation and acceptance,love as giving and receiving.The relationship between a man and a woman is essentially a relationship of love:Sexuality,oriented,elevated and integrated by love acquires truly human quality.When such love exists in marriage,self-giving expresses,through the body,the complementarity and totality of the gift.According to this research,therefore,sexuality is at the center,the base or the core of human existence.It is an education to deeper humanity.The book is long enough to cover the essentialls and short enough to arouse the curiosity.It is good to all who have a desire to understand more about human sexuality.It can be used by students,lecturers,Religious and clergy.It is good for ethics and morallity in colleges and university.