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Optical MEMS Switches New Architecture

Optical MEMS Switches New Architecture

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The scalability and cost of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) optical switches are now the important factors driving the development of MEMS optical switches technology. The employment of MEMS in the design and fabrication of optical switches through the use of micromachining fabricated micromirrors expands the capability and integrity of optical backbone networks. This monograph presents a new digital MEMS switch architecture for 1xN and NxN optical switches. The architecture is based on a new microassembled smart 3-D rotating inclined micromirror (3DRIM). The 3DRIM is the key device in the new switch architectures. The 3DRIM was constructed through a microassembly process using a passive microgripper, key, and inter-lock (PMKIL) assembly system. An electrostatic micromotor was chosen as the actuator for the 3DRIM since it offers continuous rotation as well as small and precise step motions with excellent repeatability. A rotor pole shaping (RPS) design technique was introduced to optimally reshape the physical dimensions of the rotor pole in order to maximize the generated motive torque of the micromotor and minimize the required driving voltage signal.