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Financial Instruments on the Mortgage Market

Financial Instruments on the Mortgage Market

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The Global Financial Crisis emerged from a single genius invention of investment bankers, which brought enormous profits to the largest investment organizations, and then led them into the precipice of debt. In this book we analyze the mortgage-backed securities, starting with their types, pricing models, and resulting cash flows to investors. We then proceed to how extreme complexity of the sophisticated financial instruments on the mortgage market fueled the crisis. However, while this was the root for the credit crunch in the US, the ways through which the local crisis permeated into the other economies were numerous, and so where the global rescue plans, and thus – they are vital to be compared. Only having made an in-depth analysis of the roots of the financial crisis in different economies and the global rescue plans, and having observed how this resulted in a shift of global priorities in politics and economics, can we see the global perspective and draw conclusions, crucial for the decision-makers in politics and business across the globe.