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Customer Service in the Public Sector

Customer Service in the Public Sector

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Customer-orientated reforms are globally being adopted to address the widespread dissatisfaction with traditional public services. However, the pessimism regarding their application in the public sector especially in developing countries implies limitations in existing research. Therefore, there is overwhelming need for empirical evidence about why, what, how and where such reforms have been applied within specific sectors and contexts. This study assesses the relevance of the reforms when implemented by the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), which is in charge of urban water supply in Uganda. Using multiple data sources, that include household water user surveys, documentary review, observations, focus groups and interviews, this study responds to the questions: Has the NWSC become more customer-oriented as a result of reforms? If so, what are the consequences for user satisfaction and loyalty? The study finds first that customer oriented reforms in the NWSC were introduced by a committed leadership which reduced resistance to change and coordinated key stakeholder involvement.