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Transport and export of mines in the written documents and numerous drawings is present from the earliest beginnings of mining. Extras transport in the mines are site to more horizons, unevenness in the direction of transport, transport nonlinearity in the shift and nonlinearity of transport for opening the mine and during the full exploitation of the mine. Transport of mineral raw materials and waste from the site to the place of breeding, processing, loading or consumption, plays an important role in the work and the economics of each mine. Although mines transport takes place predominantly in one direction, however, require delivery in the opposite direction, namely: tools, rails, pipes, building materials, explosives, backfill, machinery, etc. The remote site it is necessary to transport personnel and employee. Had it done at the mines are usually used combined transport. To make the work safe and reliable transport facilities are equipped with various protective and blocking devices and automatic control machines facilitates and simplifies serving with the participation of a minimum number of staff.