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Sexual Abuse on Female Street Children

Sexual Abuse on Female Street Children

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Sexual abuse of children occurs under any circumstances, in all social strata, in all parts of the world, including civilized countries. The problem became worst when a child live and/or work out side home, the street. Female street children unlike their counter male faced different complicated and interrelated sexual abuse cases. But the problem was not well investigated in the study area. Thus, this research provided the push and pulls factors of female street children, forms of sexual abuse, root causes of sexual abuse and remedial measures to eradicate streetism. The finding of this research produced and provided updated and deep knowledge about the root causes, experiences and consequences of sexual abuse on female street children in Bahir Dar town: North-West Ethiopia. In addition, this research help concerned Governmental, Non-Governmental and Community Based Organizations by pointing out remedial measures to reduce streetism. Moreover, these research findings help those interested researchers to have a better understanding about the issue and to develop theories related with child sexual abuse.