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Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Public administration reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the crucial factors in the process of European Integration. The main obligations proposed by Acquis Communautaire include tasks concerning human resource management, selection and recruitment, access to civil service, rotation of employees etc. Besides human resource management is a multidisciplinary and eclectic approach, it has always been represented in the light of psychology and economics and its application in the private sector. Its importance in public sector has been ignored for years. This book, therefore, provides a psychological overview of human resource management methods implemented in public service in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the main aim to analyse the role of psychologist in the reform process. The analysis should help shed some light on development of public administration, need for modernization and reform, human resource management in public and private sector, and should be especially useful to professionals in European and State Management studies, Organisational studies and Psychology, or anyone else who may be interested in public administration reform and European Union integration.