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The Role of Leaders in A.A City Administration

The Role of Leaders in A.A City Administration

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From time to time great number of people migrate from their origin to urban areas. It is obvious that, these people need adequate shelter, infrastructure and social services. However, most city administrations fell to provide such facilities. Studies show that the main causes for the challenges are lack of resources, lack of the necessary institutions, rigid adherence to inappropriate standards and absence of appropriate policies and the low priority given to housing in general. Among the facilities mentioned earlier, shelter is some thing which needs critical attention. As a result, responsible bodies need to propose various housing development projects. Housing contributes to economic development by increasing the productivity of individuals, households, community and the urban population. It also creates jobs for skilled and unskilled labor in the construction, materials production supply and other related areas.This book, therefore, examine the role of city administrators in the process of housing development and identify the challenges in the area. The analysis is highly expected to help people work in the city administration more particularity in housing development.