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Portfolio Assessment At Its Best

Portfolio Assessment At Its Best

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With constantly changing demands at the workforce more than ever students need to be able to respond adequately to present day challenges. Although standardized tests have a place to play in the overall assessment process, they cannot fully measure what a student learned and how that student would be prepared for the world of work. We need a kind of assessment that gives students sufficient latitude for exploration, expansion, self development, empowerment and simultaneously caters for self interests. That kind of assessment must allow sufficient time for students to feel relaxed and be able to explore creative ways of self expression without having to feel pressured by those around. Portfolio assessment answers the call. This book is devoted to exploring best practices in portfolio assessment based on current research findings. Using a constructivist approach we present practical tried-and-tested ways of accomplishing specified goals and objectives in keeping with the student’s learning style and personal interests. We show how student reflection is embodied in the collection of entries, assignments, tests, quizzes, games, homework, and any other relevant supporting documents.