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Transformational Leadership and Teacher Commitment in Secondary School

Transformational Leadership and Teacher Commitment in Secondary School

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This study aimed to examine the influence of transformational leadership on teacher commitment. To some extent, the findings demonstrated that there was either direct or indirect relationship between transformational leadership, and teacher commitment. Data were gathered via survey instruments developed based on conceptual framework on transformational leadership (Bass & Rigglo, 2006) and teacher commitment (Dannetta, 2002), and literature review. Pearson’s correlation statistics, multiple linear regression analysis, ANOVA and MANOVA analysis were employed to obtain the findings. The results indicated a moderate level of teacher commitment and a low level of transformational leadership qualities among the respondents. Individualized consideration and idealized influence were predictors to teacher commitment towards organization. However, individualized consideration was the most dominant factor determining teacher commitment towards organization. Next, idealized influence, inspirational motivation, individualized consideration and intellectual stimulation were factors contributing towards commitment to organization, and commitment to teaching profession.