Foreign Direct Investment, Democracy, Dictatorship  and Pakistan

Foreign Direct Investment, Democracy, Dictatorship and Pakistan

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In economic history of Pakistan, dictators have made good policies with regard to FDI and huge amount of FDI came into Pakistan in their regime. The credit also goes to the political stability and good macro indicators of economy in their era as compared to democratic governments, but every time dictator’s period ended with huge political and economic crisis and destruction of national institutions. This book is a complete package of political and statistical analysis of policies, trends and importance of FDI in Pakistan from independence (1947) to 2009, based on quantitative and qualitative facts and figures. Moreover reasons of low FDI in Pakistan and their solutions are also discussed in detail. That’s why very helpful for students of economics and finance, politicians, bureaucrats and for all those persons who have interest in Pakistani economics, role of politics and bureaucracy in economic matters and history of foreign investment policies of governments in different regimes after independence.