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Analysis of Foreign Private Investment in Nigeria

Analysis of Foreign Private Investment in Nigeria

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The Analysis of Foreign Private Investment in Nigeria (1970-2010). ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to determine the major determinants of Foreign Private Investment (FPI) inflow in Nigeria comprising of Foreign Portfolio Investment and Foreign Direct Investment in the short and long run and also to ascertain the causality relationship between these two investments using secondary data sourced from the Central Bank of Nigeria statistical bulletins and the World Bank Development index (2008) from 1970-2010. The obtained results from the analysis were made possible using the Granger Causality Test, Johansen Co-integration test, and then the Error Correction Mechanism estimation test, having tested for unit root to avoid spuriousity.The study finds a long run relationship amongst the variables and reveals further that Foreign Private Investment into Nigeria have not been encouraging given the high inflation rate, rising external debt, lack of openness, and poor economic growth caused by frequent political instability factors, insecurity, poor infrastructures, and corruption.