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Hybrid PON Networks - features, architectures and configuration

Hybrid PON Networks - features, architectures and configuration

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In this book, I’d like to present my scientific work that is focused on the research progress in the area of hybrid passive optical networks. My goal is to summarize in one place the research results produced by many researchers and at the same time to present an interactive simulation tool for configuring hybrid optical access networks with requirements for successful implementations in real network environment. This book is intended as a general reference for researches, professionals and students working in the field of broadband hybrid passive optical networks. Properties of technologies intended for next-generation passive optical networks together with motivations and reasons for development of hybrid passive optical networks are presented. In details, features and requirements for HPON networks are analyzed. Features of WDM/TDM-PON, SUCCESS HPON, SARDANA HPON and Long reach PON hybrid networks are described with an emphasis placed on the network architecture and possible evolution steps. An important part is dedicated to the traffic protection and restoration schemes. An environment of the HPON Network Configurator as the simulation tool is very particularly introduced.