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Environment Friendly Practices In Hotel Industry

Environment Friendly Practices In Hotel Industry

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Today there is an urgent need to protect, conserve and sustain our natural environment.Hotels around the world use large amount of water, energy, chemical supplies and disposable item. They also generate lot of waste. By proper management hotels can contribute significantly in keeping the environment clean.It is important now to promote environment management among hotels.Environment friendly practices have become an important issue in hospitality industry, with a number of hotels adopting sound environment friendly practices in response to the growing concern for sustainable tourism. The increasing adoption of environmental management in hotels seems to have been sparked off by growing concern over the impact of tourism on the environment. Though many hotels are aware of their responsibilities, still many hotels do not realize that a single hotel’s practices for environment influence other hotels and the community at large.It is essential to know which kind of environment friendly practices the hotels follow .Hence a study was undertaken on this issue.The findings are a feedback to the hotel industry .This publication ,having guidelines, will be a rich resource material for all .