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The influence of advertising messages in mobile telephones

The influence of advertising messages in mobile telephones

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This study is focused in the influence of consumers in this way of advertising and more specifically from young age individuals of 15-25 years, which are usually more receptive in new ideas.In Greece, there is hesitancy from the consumers, while they prefer to make their purchases from the shop because they feel that are sure with their transactions. Also, the change of advertising from the enterprises creates new data in the way that approach the individuals. In the present inquiring effort, it is attempted the investigation of extent advertisement thru sms in national level but also in international. Also, an important gravity has been given, in the analysis of used methods from the side of enterprises, so that they approach the consumers. Taking all into consideration, it is attempted in this study thoroughly the opinion of individuals for this new way of advertising, but also other that are related with the subject.