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Challenges of Implementing Community Based Ecotourism

Challenges of Implementing Community Based Ecotourism

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As I grow up in the neighborhood of the study area, the fate of biodiversity and community who totally depend on the same resource being conserved has deeply concerned me for long. The narratives of development and conservation is the order of the day and most of the time in contradiction where ultimately fail to ensure both conservation and development missions it intends to achieve. Therefore, this study is dealing with how this contradiction affect conservation taking the case of pastoral Guji Oromo community who is dwelling inside the Nechsar National park in southern Ethiopia. The primary goal of conducting this research is to assess the challenges of implementing community based ecotourism while the communities residing inside the park. The main question examined, is that possible to achieve conservation objectives while pastoral-community dwelling with in the park? This research also tried to figure out conflict in ownership, human-wildlife conflict and some practical considerations. Though the study was carried out in specific communities, the lessons can be applied to a wider range and may also have significant value for conservation and sustainable env'tal management.