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Specific Approaches to Measuring the Quality of Tourism Services

Specific Approaches to Measuring the Quality of Tourism Services

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The modern global market in which tourist entities are compete for their share in the market is characterized by the need of reviewing the all technical and functional quality aspects; including the significance and partial contribution of individual elements to shaping the total perceived value. One of the most important determinants when considering the functional aspect of quality is its aesthetic dimension, created among other through the "image" of service staff. In the book are specifically analyzed the determinants: appearance, charm, tidiness, business clothing and team affiliation. The research problem was to determine the fact is it possible to consider the quality of tourist services on the lower structural levels of observation; and whether the measurement model of perceived values - SERVQUAL represents an efficient tool of assessment the aesthetic component associated with staff's impression? This book is intended for students, researchers, employers, employees and to all those who are directly or indirectly involved in the processes of creation and management of the tourist service quality.