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Banking Sector Distress in the North Cyprus Economy

Banking Sector Distress in the North Cyprus Economy

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The past decades have witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of financial distress episodes, both in developed and developing countries. Therefore, the issue of analyzing the determinants of the financial crises have become increasingly important for economies. The ability for early detection will help to minimize any costs brought about by financial instability. This book aims to carry out an extensive analysis of the micro (bank-specific) and the macro determinants of the bank fragility in the North Cyprus economy over the period 1984-2002. The macro factors considered in the analysis are macroeconomic characteristics, financial and structural weaknesses, external shocks and potential contagion effect from Turkey. Utilizing two methods, namely the logit model and the logistic survival analysis, will help in estimating the determinants of the probability of bank failure and the determinants of the timing of bank failure. An understanding of the determinants of any financial weaknesses would help bank examiners, supervisors, regulators, investors and policy makers in their decisions to alert management in time and to prevent bank failure.