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The Role of Non State Actors in Financing Compensation

The Role of Non State Actors in Financing Compensation

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Disaster can disrupt or destroy many different sorts of functions and institutions all at once.It may bring society-wide or systemic crisis.The Rana Plaza tragedy of 24 April 2013 shook the country as well as the international community to the core. The collapse of the building that took lives of 1,133 RMG workers was the worst man-made disaster in Bangladesh’s history. Following this tragedy there were unprecedented expressions of compassion, solidarity and support on the part of concerned citizens of the country. There was also an outpouring of commitments, financial and otherwise, from governments, and local and global institutions, groups and individuals. The past experiences indicate that, once the immediate concerns as regards such tragedies are over and the memory starts to fade, the pace of delivery on the commitments tends to lose momentum.The eight-storey commercial building, Rana Plaza, which housed five ready-made garment factories, a commercial bank and a market, collapsed in the early hours in Savar, Dhaka leaving a large number of garment workers, mostly women, trapped under the rubble.